The Role Congress Has Played

Back in the 1970’s a study concerning immigration concluded that 250,000 was the number of immigrants that could be accepted into this country and still maintain the lifestyle Americans are familiar with. However, over the years special interest groups have managed to convince congress to increase these numbers. Congress now allows over one million legal immigrants a year. Add to that the one million plus illegal immigrants it is easy to see that we cannot sustain these numbers.

These numbers have been increasing because of the special interest groups that lobby for the higher numbers and amnesty for illegal aliens. The sad part about this is these special interest groups are collecting millions of tax payers money to buy and support politicians. This money is handed out in forms of grants and there are organizations out there that not only lobby for changes with this money but fund their payrolls, office’s and even voter education. These groups literally teach illegal aliens how to register and vote. If you look at the video section of this blog you will find a video of President Obama telling a hispanic group to remember who their friends are and who their enemies are come election time.

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