The Trade Deal That Will End America’s Freedom

There is a reason this new trade treaty is being kept secret, this is how they created the EU. They are using the same back door techniques as they did when they took over the European Countries. If this treaty gets approaved Americans will have NO VOICE IN TRADE OR WHAT IS MADE IN AAMERICA. In fact the UN and its cronies will control everything made in America or  everything no longer allowed to be made in America. It also has back doors for the Carbon Tax that was shot down years ago. The Carbon Tax alone will finish our economy off. Please make calls to every one of your representatives and let them know they must not support this new secret treaty.

This is the same method Bill Clinton used to give the UN control of all US lands and natural resources under the Bio Diversity Act. Most people are not aware this has even happened. You can read this article and see how much damage was done with that secret treaty,

The House of Representatives will be voting on the Obama Trade deal tomorrow. This is our last chance to stop the fast-track authority that would allow Obama to easily make changes to US immigration in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The link below includes everything you need to make waves on Twitter and Facebook today. You will see a list of every GOP Member of the House along with their Twitter handle and social media pages. I’ll be coming back to you soon with a list of Democrats.

Please click the name of the Representative to bring up a pre-written tweet. We’ve done the work for you to send your tweet with just one click.

Please spread the word about this page so we can amplify our impact on social media today.

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