Are You Prepared ?

If you have been watching the news and paying attention to current events it is pretty obvious things are not good, not only here in America but worldwide. There are warning flags everywhere that something is wrong. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were impacted by a Natural Disaster, Terrorist Attack, or other National Emergency? Do you have a plan in place? Have you stored enough provisions so that you could provide for yourself and your family’s needs?  There are so many things to take into consideration. Are you overwhelmed by the thought? Even if you are personally prepared will you be able to make it through a natural disaster? It takes team work and others that support your skills. If you are not prepared and feel you need to be we can help you learn how to do this and how to do this with others in your area. Even if you are prepared join others and strengthen your efforts.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a group of likeminded people who believe in God, Family and Country? Who support and help uphold the constitution. Who don’t sit back and just pray for God to help and save them. We believe God calls us to be a people of action and prayer. To utilize our minds and bodies to prepare, train, and protect fellow believers. We all have distinct abilities that God has given us. It is too overwhelming to take on the responsibilities individually but when you come together, each person with a distinct role helps the group and the daunting task becomes manageable. Each person utilizing their passions and abilities for the glory of God and the benefit of the group.

No matter your age or skill set you can play a vital role in the event of a disaster. People with canning and food preservation skills, herbs and natural food source skills, medical and trauma skills, security and firearms skills, tracking and map reading skills. radio operations skills, cooking and camp type cooking skills. Everyone has a skill set that can be used to help others in a group setting.

Many people believe the government will supply everything they need in times of a disaster, but I have worked in that environment and know firsthand this does not work. People need to prepare for themselves and do it as a group. If you are interested in joining a group that will work as one in the event of a emergency or in times of need please contact Mark at for further information.


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